Jardins de Lumière

It is a space where dance, meditation, songs and the teachings of Yeshua (Acim) are combined to reach a deep space where healing happens spontaneously. It is a space where the arts merge in an embrace in the service of light.

My daughter, dance here and now for in your steps and arms are woven the bonds of light and love which are sent to you from heaven.

….Drizzle and rain, your movement in the fields to bring down your blessing on the earth ….

(Words from Yeshua, Women of Peace Heaven and Earth, Qumran, October 2022)

Maite Sáez

Graduated in art, dancer, polyglot, lover of the arts. She began her journey through the fields of heaven initiating herself in Kriya yoga, lineage of Paramahamsa Hariharanada in 1998. Practitioner and disciple of Swami Mangalananda for more than 2 decades. She translates Stanny Lansloot, Belgian healer who works with the Christic energy for 10 years. In 2017 happens a magical encounter with her sister Efrat Sar Shalom and since then she is among her disciples and is one of her voices in Spanish.


Duration: 60-90 min.

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Thank you very much Maite! During your dances I perceived your surrender and your stepping aside, which invited me to be with you, surrendering myself to the experience. The most intense, for me, was your dance to the music of Ludovico Einaudi. You helped us to experience the holy instant. I remember, with joy in my heart, the moment when you stood in front of Sweetie, bent down and embraced her and I opened myself to the love I sensed you were sharing. Thank you so much, Maite, for your mission to return to our Father's house offering your miraculous dance to the world. I love you.  
Gustavo (Argentina / España) – Ser En La Luz
In this unique and recent encounter with Inspiration and dance through Maite, I felt the transmission of Mastery, certainty and love for the Sacredness of Beauty (outside the point of view). Namaste.  
Sweety (Brasil) – Source Temple Sanctuary
God Bless you sister, Heaven Blesses you when you step aside and let yourself be rocked by Him and through you, we are Blessed. Thank you sister  
María del Carmen (Granada) – Ser En La Luz
Maite, I felt that you touched my soul and turned it into beauty. You are an excellent catalyst and you are very professional with your dance, I honor you. I honor you, go ahead spreading the good, the holy and the beautiful.    
Carmen (Motril)
The fact of being the "cameraman" allowed me to live the union of each of your invitations to a brother to let himself be moved by love, being able to feel love expressing itself through you. I felt the presence of Jesus and I could not stop crying feeling invaded by love. So much love and union. Immense gratitude from Life for allowing me to live this holy instant. Thank you so much for so many miracles beloved Maite. I love you, I honor you, I bless you. Thank you for saying yes to expand love and fulfill your mission.    
Nuria (Tarragona)
Nothing but love is true, and with your beautiful expression, sister Maite in the art of dancing, in the movement, in the joy that intermingles with sadness, instantly the divine appears. Him expressing Himself through you, entirely, without fear of life, but reflecting in each movement the whole, without beginning or end, a continuous movement of light, peace and love. Love.    
rEL (Tarragona)
The Self expresses itself The Self dances And the Self awakens to everything and everyone The Self expresses itself And atoms of light Dance in the Light of awakening And Love awakens And Union appears Women dancing In Freedom, Light, and Love, Thank you Maite, Thank you Master.    
Virtudes (Granada) – Ser En La Luz
Your dance is your like a dance of God, spectacular, moving, exciting, heart and soul healing. Never stop dancing.
Maayan, (Israel)
A Dance of the Heavens! It is a Dance that makes you cry. A cry of cleansing and healing, that washes all sadness. It is a dance  of songs of the Heavens. That makes you remember that you are a child of God. Beloved Maite, Your expressions and beauty, the movements of your knowledge that comes from beyond, is something to be taught to the children of the world, as it brings so much healing and inner knowledge. You are so connected to the arts, to inspiration, to inner innocence, that all who where watching you woke up to the light. I support you, I honor you, I love you. Thank you!!!!!!
Efrat Sar-Shalom (Israel) – Women of Peace Heaven and Earth
For me Maite's dance was a healing dance. The strength expressed by the dance moved me so deeply that I burst into tears. I hope that Maite through the gift she has been given can accompany and support others in their healing.    
Maite's dance is like a fairy tale unfolding before your eyes, calling you high and high into infinity, inspiring and bringing peace to your mind and heart. And you can look at this softness of movement again, and again, and again. Just like meditation, profound and healing.    
Natalie Barazani, (Israel)
Maite chooses an exquisite music that accompanies her movement, creating a magical atmosphere of deep presences. Maite embodies the gesture with the sobriety of an Egyptian pharaoh. Thank you with all my love ...    
Carolina (Barcelona)
Your dance is not your dance. It is heaven dancing through you. I felt you that you are connected to a deep place, and that from this place you were able easly to INVITE the deep place in each other to pop up. I felt longing to UNITY with God. I felt so calm and free and joyful. It was beautiful, so beautiful to see the process with you and others. Very powerful healing. I know that millions of children and adults are waithing for this LOVE. Thank you for being.    
Maite Saez's dance is communicative and very expressive. Through it, internal and external spaces are opened, transmitting information that can be of value, since it is precise and powerful. To participate in Maite's dance is to be present in front of my sensations and feelings. Thought does not exist and the attraction to the dance elevates us to another dimension, perhaps unknown....    
Zyela (Argetina – Israel)
When I saw Maite dancing I felt that she was inviting me to go on a journey with her.  Everything around stood still.  And I just felt the energy and vibration of the music and the life within the movement.  I did not know that the journey would be a journey of healing.  There were moments when I was mesmerized.  There were moments when Maite enveloped me in a deep, feminine, comforting and healing touch.  From the depth of the soul and the height of the spirit, it was an experience that touched me so much and I just wanted it not to end.
Shira Ben Chaim (Israel) – Women of Peace Heaven and Earth
Dance has so many nuances...music, inspired movement, gestures, it all comes together as one, it transports you and you don't know weather she dances or you dance. It speaks to you. You live it and it is not you and it is the other and you.music, movement she dances and you dance with her from  other dimension which is not this one. Its from within where everything merges and it is one, and what you feel is not of this world, it merges.
María Teresa (Barcelona)
Amazing! Quite simply put , Thank you Maite for sharing so much , the ability to transmit healing through movement and dance. I felt and experienced the transmission of Pure Love moving through you to me Blessing and gratitude!
Astrid Bennett (UK)


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